There are many ways to generate income as you are going through high school & college.  Below find 20 ideas:

  1. Graphic Designer – design logos and graphics for websites and marketing material.
  2. Real Estate Agent – obtain a license in your state, register with a company and start representing buyers and sellers.
  3. Rental Property – buy an investment property and rent it out with a positive cash flow.
  4. Social Media Manager – provide content to websites and/or promote products/services with social networks.
  5. Tutor – tutor younger kids in subjects you excel in.
  6. Babysitter – help out neighbors occasionally to generate side income.
  7. Uber Driver – great way to learn and become familiar with different places/locations near you.
  8. Part-time job @ College Campus – utilize time wisely between classes by working a job on campus (ie. IT, Library, etc).