So you guys are going to be first time parents? Planning for pregnancy? Here are 10 tips that may help.


  1. Yay for Amazon!

Buy your pregnancy and ovulation tests in bulk on amazon! They are so much cheaper than your local pharmacy! And take you lamaze classes at the local community center, instead of with expensive private groups.


  1. Plan for maternity/paternity leave.

Ensure sufficient savings are in place prior to maternity leave.  Plan ahead and start saving well before pregnancy to avoid any stress caused by financials.  Depending on circumstances, plan for the worst-case scenario, meaning that one of you will have to stay at home after delivery for at least 1 year without pay (post maternity leave).  Costs for day care is very high for infants – it may make more sense depending on circumstances to stay home after delivery, rather than using day care.


  1. Draft a pre-baby and post-delivery budget

Understand the monthly cost of a baby.  Budget for at least $1,000 per month as a rule of thumb.  The baby cost calculator can be found at to understand the various associated costs.  Consider one-time costs of $4000-$5000 as well as on-going costs.


  1. Baby, shower me with gifts!

Oh baby showers! Sometimes you get all the things you need but when you get unwanted gifts return them promptly and use your store credit! I’m sure you will be able to use the credit on things you really need later!


  1. Samples, samples, samples!!

At the hospital make sure you ask for extra samples of formula! They will also have some extra diapers, a pacifier, hats, and wipes! Your pediatrician will also have samples of numerous products and again formula. Make sure you ask! They usually have samples of things you will need like a bulb suctions, saline drops, baby Tylenol.  Oh, and get a lactation consult they will also provide you with many freebies like nursing pads and bras.


  1. Breast is best.

Breast milk, otherwise known as ‘’liquid gold’’ is truly the best thing for your baby. It has countless health benefits and its FREE, so breast feed as long as you can. Most Insurance companies will cover your breast pump so get one of those as well.


  1. Do we really NEED this?

Eliminate unnecessary purchases that your baby won’t need and keep a monthly budget for toys and extras to avoid going overboard, especially with your first born. You do not need baby shoes much, no fancy toys, wipe warmers, crib decorations, and baby comforters/pillows for the crib(they’re dangerous anyway!).


  1. Things that you are going to need on the regular – buy in bulk.

Decided on the perfect diaper brand? Your fave wipes? Buy them in bulk to avoid extra costs. Oh and coupon! The manufacturer’s website usually has some great coupons.


  1. Call the mommy call!

Call your pediatrician before going in and paying your co-pay. Many a times they can counsel you over the phone and you can avoid the cost of an appointment.


  1. Think college! Yes, and early on.

College is expensive!  Start a 529 plan for your child as early as possible.  This is an education fund that grows tax-free and you can use the fund towards tuition and other qualified education expenses.  The sooner you can start, the better.