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Why Tracking Your Net Worth is Important

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Having goals is fundamental to success in any personal, professional and academic area in your life.  We have variety of goals in our lives whether it is achieving a specific SAT score, getting into a college of our choice, starting a competitive sport, being able to lift heaver weights or being able to run a

Is $15k for your emergency fund enough?

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 When to start saving for an emergency fund? With changes in job market and personal life situations, having a emergency fund is critically important to manage finances during difficult times.  Emergency fund is something one should prioritize and build as soon as they start their career.  The earlier one can build the cushion, the better as

Ways To Make Money From Home

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Many of us at times have pondered over possibilities from working from home and generating an income.  With the advances in technology, many opportunities exist today to work from home 100% and not step a foot in a physical office.  Although opportunities exist, one needs to put effort in searching for such jobs, and also

5 Financial Tips For Those Impacted By The Government Shutdown

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Millions of people in the US are impacted financially by the ongoing Government Shutdown - longest shutdown in US history.   With the shutdown at its 29th day, financial impact of on those affected is quite significant.  Here are 5 tips for those that are impacted: Evaluate your financial situation - ie. how much in emergency fund

How Millennials Can Become Millionaires

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Ways for Millennials to become Millionaires 1.      Start investing at a young age Investing is fundamental to wealth building for millennials.  The earlier you can start investing, the earlier you can become financially free and wealthy.  When people hear the word "investing", they sometimes think that it is an complex exercise.  That is the wrong

10 Expert Financial Tips For Your New Bundle Of Joy!

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So you guys are going to be first time parents? Planning for pregnancy? Here are 10 tips that may help.   Yay for Amazon! Buy your pregnancy and ovulation tests in bulk on amazon! They are so much cheaper than your local pharmacy! And take you lamaze classes at the local community center, instead of

5 Financial Tips For New College Graduates

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Continue to live with your parents as a means to build an emergency fund and as well as a down payment for your first home.                You may be motivated to move out on your own once you graduate from high school, but think through the decision very